Product types


Wholesale carpets, which are used for both decoration and order purposes in homes, workplaces and generally in closed areas, are practical products with their easy use. These products appeal to every style with their different models, sizes and color varieties; Since they are produced using quality materials, they have a structure that does not deform in a short time. Wholesale carpet models are among the most popular products in every period, sometimes with special embroideries and sometimes with modern printing details. Manufactured rug options are mostly preferred in the spring and summer months, and are produced with a thinner structure and motifs compared to carpet models. You can examine the carpet options, which are frequently preferred in almost every aspect of daily life, with their features through the modevsa wholesaler, and purchase the types that meet your needs.

Digital Printed Carpet Decorative Carpet

Digital printing technology has now entered every aspect of our lives... Shortly after the textile industry was introduced to this technology, home textiles also received the blessings of digital printing. As Modevsa, a company that is open to innovations especially in the carpet industry, we produce the highest quality printed carpets. Thousands of Different Colors and Patterns Modevsa Carpet and Home Textile Modevsa Carpet; It has made it its mission to offer innovative and original products to consumers without compromising its ethical working approach. Modevsa Halı is known in its sector for its productive and dynamic structure and unique patterns and types of carpets. It is in your hands to create the atmosphere you want in your home with Modevsa carpets, which have a very important place in home decoration.