Vision mission



To lead the sector in the national/international market by making differences with innovative solutions and producing products of universal quality and standards.


To provide aesthetic and modern appearances in living spaces by offering the most suitable products for customer needs and expectations.


To act fairly, honestly, respectfully to beliefs and differences,

Being humble, tolerant and helpful,

To be able to act flexibly, quickly and situationally, taking into account the priorities,

Not to be afraid of making mistakes, to learn from mistakes and to work with a common mind,

To be open to innovation and transformation.

Considering emotions but making decisions using scientific methods and objective data,

Using technology effectively to make work easier, faster and smarter,

To construct, maintain and write down processes and systems in a business model where business can be carried out without being dependent on individuals, corporate information is produced, developed and brought to the corporate memory,

Being Customer, Employee, Shareholder and Supplier oriented,

To comply with legal and ethical rules,

to give the job to the competent,

To aim for continuous improvement and development by setting measurable and achievable goals,

In the targets set, not giving up in the face of difficulties, believing, persevering, and making great efforts without making excuses,

Always based on goodwill, positive thinking without prejudice, seeking solutions by discussing problems with those responsible, not with third parties,

To use time and opportunities correctly and effectively, not to waste,

Seeing the place where he works not only as a business environment but as a living environment, to be beneficial to his country and humanity as a member of the Seroni Family.

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